Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mentoring in Region 7

Three groups of newly appointed Principals and Deputy Principls are engaging with mentoring in Region 7. Each of the three groups will take part on three or four mentoring sessions over the course of the year. So far the initial session has looked at areas such as:
          Having the difficult conversation
          Reviews of posts of responsibility
          Timetabling issues
          Rhythms and patterns of the school year
          Effective staff meetings

In addition to the above mentioned topics, participants are given an opportunity to discuss any issues relevant to their own specific context.  

Mentoring sessions are an excellent forum for bouncing ideas off colleagues and developing a valuable support network within the profession. If any newly appointed Principal or Deputy Principal has not been notified about the mentoring sessions please contact Sean Crowley on 086 8797432 or any Region 7 committee member.  

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